My current paintings in gouache on paper feature imaginary heads that appear paused in liminal reflection. These heads are not portraits of specific individuals, but function more as archetypes. Often depicted in profile, these heads take on a rarefied, honed presence that comes from the rigor of working. I believe that in the process of painting, there can be a transfer of the human spirit into the fabric of the piece.

My working method involves a painterly processing of paint until forms find balance between states of emerging and dissolving. The expressions for my heads are initially suggested by arbitrary configurations of line and tone, which I then further develop and refine until the form gels. It is my intention that the heads in my paintings be a kind of locus where we may rest our mental attention, while texture and color makes its appeal to the senses. My work is intimate in size, thereby inviting close-up, contemplative viewing.

I have always been drawn to works of art that visually evoke the unseen or spiritual dimensions of the human experience. My abiding interest in and study of sacred art forms from various spiritual and religious traditions informs my work.